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The Shy Sweetheart

Based on what you imagined, you are very shy but extremely smart and genuine. You likely imagined a tiny cube dug into the ground. This means you’re a planner who thinks far into the future. The ladder you imagined signifies your friends. Because it was short, you prefer keeping a small circle of friends. You hold the relationships you have very close to your heart. You probably imagined a beautiful and majestic horse, which means your ideal parter is likely someone who is delicate and kind, like yourself. If the horse was galloping towards the cube it means you’ll find true love soon. You’re a romantic who dreams of starting a family one day. The number of flowers you imagined represent the number of children you would like to have. Finally, the thunderstorm was directly over the cube. This means you’re feeling quite overwhelmed and stressed right now. You’re anxious and something is troubling you. Perhaps you’re unhappy at your job or you’re about to make a big move. Try not to worry too much, change is a good thing! Every cloud has it’s sliver lining.


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